Compass Features

Take A Look At Compass’s Features

Empower Your Social Advertising Campaigns With These Amazing Features

3,000,000 Ads Indexed

Compass has the largest index of ads on the market. Giving you the ability to find new winning ad variants in a matter of a few clicks.

Facebook and Linkedin

Compass is the only ads platform to have both Facebook and Linkedin ads. Create a full fledged social ads campaign with multiple sources.

Intuitive Layout

Compass is designed so that anyone can easily discover winning ads for their social campaigns.

Track Your Competition

With Compass you can follow any number of competitors and as we discover new ads you get notified. Fresh ads are at your fingertips.

See Every Landing Page

Get an inside look at the whole lead capture funnel by seeing the ads that are working and the landing pages that are attached to those ads.

Success Indicators

See all of the social interactions, times seen, age, and comments for each ad. Allowing you to tell which ad is really a winner or not.

Interest and Location Targeting

Compass is now starting to supply users with targeting and location data when available.

View All Ads Live

Go straight from Compass into Facebook or Linkedin and view the actual ad. Giving you total visibility.

Bookmark Ads

Save multiple ads so that you can view it quickly without having to search over and over again.