Discover Your Competitors Secret

Find Out What Ads Your Competitors Are Running on Facebook

Empowering Marketers

Whatever skill level you're at, Compass saves you time and money during the strategy phase of your campaign.

Uncover Trends

Don't focus on trends of the past, Compass keeps you in the loop with your competitors to stay up on what's hot and what's not.

Follow Your Competition

Take a look at what ads your competitors and other leaders in your industry are running to make your own better!

How Does It Work?

Compass helps you build successful and complete facebook ad campaigns by making it effortless for you to find out what ads your competitors have used or are using. Simply enter keywords or company name and we’ll identify all the relevant ads for you so you can ensure your campaigns will produce immediately.

Why Compass?

Identify new ads based on competitive data provided by the platform. Identify new advertisers who are in your same industry. Benchmark yourself against your competition quickly and easily identifying growth areas for your business.

Compass Features

Facebook Ads

Filter and find your competitor's facebook ads using pagename, category, and full text search. See dark posts that are normally hidden from a pages timeline.

Historical Data

Use data to look back for a historical campaign overview. Watch how digital strategies developed, what was tried and what ended up working best.


Create segmented lists of your favorite ads so that you can organize based on category, campaign type, or competitor. Lists allow you to be proactive with your digital strategy, not reactive.

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